Silver Creek Conservation Area Hike

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The Bruce trail is considered one of the most beautiful hiking trails in southern Ontario. The main trail is 885 km in length. It runs along the Niagara Escarpment from Niagara Falls to Tobermory. The Bruce trail is also a conservation corridor of rare fauna and flora. In February1990, Niagara Escarpment was designated a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve. Over the years, our hiking group has hiked several sections of the Bruce Trail even though it requires much longer travelling time than most of our hikes. We hope that most of you will agree that it is worth the extra effort to visit this trail occasionally.


For the 2015 July hike we shall tackle the section of the Bruce Trail located at Silver Creek Conservation Area, in Halton Hills. This section of the Bruce Trail is very rugged, quite hilly, and not paved. Some sections of the trail are on rocky terrain. Other sections can be muddy and slippery when wet. Please wear proper hiking boots with good traction. This will be the most physically demanding hike of 2015. Hikers can expect many uphill and downhill sections. A walking stick is highly recommended. Please also remember to put on some insect repellent before the start of the hike.


The hike will begin promptly at 9:30 a.m. Please arrive at the assembly point 15 minutes before start time.

Date:                       25th July, 2015 (Saturday)

          Start time:              9:30 a.m.

          Duration of hike:  approximately 3.0 hours

Assembly point:     Silver Creek Conservation Area, Fallbrook Trail

                                 Halton Hills (GPS: 43o 41’ 32” N, 79o 58’ 1” W)

Registration:          Please e-mail Peter Li ( ) at           and provide him with the names, e-mail address, cell phone number, college and year of graduation of the participant(s). Please also submit, electronically, a completed and signed waiver form for each participant if you have not done so for the previous hike.

What to wear:        hiking boots, hat, comfortable clothes, rain gears (if necessary).                                                                                      

What to bring:       sun screen, drinking water, energy bar and snacks, sunglasses, insect repellent, walking stick (recommended)

Directions to Silver Creek Conservation Area

The assembly point is at the Trail Head at Silver Creek Conservation Area in Halton Hills, where Sideroad 27 meets Fallbrook Trail. There is no parking lot, however there is ample roadside parking on both sides of Fallbrook Trail and Sideroad 27.  Please pay special attention to items #5 and #6 below for if you missed the turn, you would not be able to find the trail head.


Via Hwy 401 Wand Trafalgar Road North from Toronto

1.     Take Highway Hwy 401W to Trafalgar Road North (Exit328). At the exit turn right and go north.

2.     Continue on Trafalgar Road for 13.3 km to Hwy 7. Turn left onto Hwy 7 and go west.

3.     Continue on Hwy 7 West for 3.5 km. Keep right and exit right onto Trafalgar Road North.

4.     Continue on Trafalgar Road North for 0.7 km to Sideroad 27.

5.     Turn right onto Sideroad 27 and continue for 1.5 km. You will come to a road with a white sign on a post. The appearance of the intersection and the sign is shown below. 


                 Intersection of Eighth line and Sideroad 27


6.     The white sign is for the Silver Creek Retreat and Outdoor Education Center.

Please follow the direction of the sign and turn right. This right turn allows you to remain on Sideroad 27. (If you had not turned, and continued on the road you were on, you will be driving on Eighth line. Please study the picture and check the map in the link provided.)


7.      Continue on Sideroad 27 for about 1 km. You will come to a stop sign at Fallbrook Trail  after passing a narrow bridge. You will see the sign for Silver Creek Conservation Area directly in front of you. (See picture below.) Turn right and park your car on either side of Fallbrook Trail. Please assemble at the sign at trail head.


             Sign at trail head of Silver Creek Conservation Area                         Road side parking at Silver Creek Conservation Area


Trail Map and additional information


Please click “trail map” on the webpage for a printable map.



Road map


Please click the following link for a road map to Silver Creek Conservation Area. Zoom in to see the connecting roads clearly. Be sure to check out the critical right turn regarding Sideroad 27 on the map. If you miss this right turn, you will be unable to reach the Silver Creek Conservation Area.